Aly Eveille | 27 July 2015

At just 24-years-old, Nicole Hague has founded a business that’s taken the South East by storm, with the rest of Australia soon to be in on the action. As the motherland of unique nail art, Adore Dolls Parlour has grown from a hobby to a distinctive establishment.

Even as a youngster, Nicole was always immersed in everything artistic, from painting to drawing or baking. “It’s what I’m really good at,” Nicole declares. “I used to be a really bad nail biter which prompted my fascination with acrylic nails. I ended up combining my love for nails and art together and Adore happened, which is the best thing that could’ve happened.” Standing out in the beauty world hasn’t been that difficult for Nicole with everything around her prompting design ideas. “It might be a certain mood your in, different colours you see, or even nature,” Nicole says. “All of our nails are hand painted with acrylic paint and we make most of the nail art decorations ourselves out of acrylic.”

Self-expression through nail art is something Nicole loves to achieve, and she’s helped her clients find designs from The Simpsons-themed montages to stacked Swarovski masterpieces. While some people have tattoos and others love fashion, Adore Dolls Parlour sets no limits to their nail designs. "You can tell a lot about someone by their nails, whether it’s the shape, length, colour or art," Nicole asserts. "You can see their personality."

Having added the nails of celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Lorde to her impressive portfolio, Nicole says her ultimate point of difference is making sure everyone who walks through the door feels like family. “We’re all about customer satisfaction as well as quality and safety protocols. We always try and make everyone feel like their part of the family,” she claims. “We give all our clients their own nail file to keep, which we do only their nails with. We’re very proud to have hospital-grade sanitisation tools and state-of-the-art ventilation and dust extraction systems.”

Currently based in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast, Nicole plans to expand the brand throughout Australia. With pop-up stores in Sydney that sell out within hours, Nicole now has Melbourne in her sights for similar events. She also hopes to head north, with Brisbane set to host a second Adore Dolls Parlour. When it comes to success, Nicole believes in being true to yourself and finding your own path. “My tips," Nicole advises, "would be to perfect your craft."

Adore Dolls Parlour
191 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes
0432 720 425

Photographer: Tyse Lee


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