MyCityLife | 19 April 2017

Come a bit closer, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Tucked away from the general public, a new eclectic restaurant has recently opened in Fish Lane, South Brisbane. As our secret sources have told us, it goes by the name of La Lune Wine Co.

Benefiting from owner Paul McGivern’s years at The Wolfe, Camp Hill’s Restaurant Rapide, and Hamilton’s Restaurant Manx, La Lune Wine Co is scheduled to redefine Brisbane’s social dining with inventive menus and paired drinks offered between the hours of 12pm – 12am. The French-inspired space boasts an impressive wine list designed to echo the refined flavours of French wine bars.

In addition to selections of cheeses and charcuterie, La Lune will offer diners an array of dishes crafted to engage the senses. These pioneering creations will work together with Paul McGivern’s vision of an interactive dining space, where staff members’ wealth of knowledge will inspire suggestions and discussions. The six innovative dishes will be crafted and adapted for paired wines - served by the glass - and will stand alongside rustic raw plates of oysters, carpaccio, and house-made salumi.

Lunchtime dining will underscore casual European fare with offerings of crusty baguettes, sliced serrano, and fresh cheese. Set in South Brisbane’s centre, La Lune is perfectly poised to offer a break from the corporate workday, with lunch and coffees prefacing those post-work glasses of wine. Classic French styling will beckon diners into a space fitted with warm timber, French tiles, and 103-year-old reclaimed oak taken from the chateaus and barns of France’s countryside. Small tables will welcome intimate experiences in lieu of impersonal, oversized dining rooms, with private dining available for special occasions.

Like a game of Chinese Whispers, we’ll allow you to pass this secret on. Bring a date, friends, or the family, and enjoy the newest Brisbane addition... it’s just too good not to share.


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