Katey Bulner | 28 June 2017

For a while, my health-freak friend has been badgering me to try Matcha, and for a while, I would express great discomfort of trying anything that was alien-looking or remotely reminded me of powdered down brussel sprouts. Solemnly swearing I would never touch the foreign green particles, my sadistic friend slipped some in my smoothie and summoned me to the Matcha Gods. Besides the fact that it’s fun to say and actually does taste amazing, Matcha is a finely grounded and processed green tea powder that can provide multiple health benefits!

I am now Matcha obsessed and will continue to take on the role of being that irritating health-freak friend who is going to suggest you try it too. Fair to say these aren’t the healthiest options, but they were too damn good not to include. Hopefully, after seeing these following items and places, you’ll be convinced - if you aren't already. And hey, maybe we could grab a Matcha Latte sometime?


Sonder Dessert, Sunnybank Hills
You know it's going to be good if the business name has 'dessert' in it. A Japanese Tea House that specialises in coffee and desserts, Sonder provides all things matcha, whether it's hot or iced, as a float, affogato, frappe, parfait or creme brûlée.

Sinmei Tea, Paddington
A Matcha madness, Sinemei Tea pairs traditional green teas with extraordinary goodies including delicate matcha molten cake and brownies. Half of the menu consists of matcha, including a fascinating repertoire of exquisite drinks such as Matcha Mojito (matcha + lime + soda, non-alcoholic) and a Matcha Yin Yang (matcha + coffee).


Bonsai Botanika, Brisbane CBD
Scroll through their Instagram, and you’ll see a sea of green. Matcha is everywhere: in the organic tea, frappes and lattes and the flourless cakes and desserts. Different from the usual café aesthetic and menu, Bonsai Botanika experiments with unique flavours and Japanese fusions.

Gelato Messina, South Brisbane
You gotta start a 'Gelato Neighbourhood Watch' for this one. Unfortunately, the green tea special only comes up on a few occasions, and in selected stores, but when it does it brings its friends: chocolate fudge and roasted pistachios. Using ingredients in their most raw and natural form and making everything from scratch, you can guarantee this one from Gelato Messina will be a matcha made in heaven!


Passion Tree, Brisbane CBD
Mother Matcha is here: she is creative, delicious and different to any other. Passion Tree has answered your prayers and given you a rich overdose on Matcha goodness with their famous Matcha Mochi Pancake Stack, Green Tea Bingsoo, Matcha lattes and Matcha frappes. 

Being Co.
What was once a business dedicated to delivering 100% Pure Ground Organic Matcha Powder, Being Co. has now expanded to Queensland’s largest Superfood Dealer that sources and supplies raw antioxidant powders all over Australia, NZ and Asia. Friends of our Matcha mate are also now available too, including blends such as the 100% Organic Gold Turmeric spice blend, 100% Organic Velvet Beetroot spice blend and the 100% Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder. 


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