Larry Schoenberg | 21 March 2017

As we were sitting at his latest show, halfway between tales of overfed geriatric cruise guests and demonic descriptions of the comedian's children, I realised we were being taken on a journey through half of his life, in the “warts and all” fashion that one would expect from a world-class comedian.

The exception with Jeff Green, however, is relatability. Now, this is somewhat subjective, but there is an earnestness to his style that makes the audience feel like all of these things really did happen to him, right down to each and every exposed testicle. There’s no such thing as “The other day when I was at the bank…” Jeff stories, or even too many zingy one-liners. Instead, his set flows from one bit to the next bringing the audience along with him.

His dry, self-deprecating, occasionally crude style lends itself to this relatability well, and it never feels overdone or verbose as it so easily could be. His deliveries are near perfect and he tends not to be thrown by heckles, not that there were too many. In our show, it was mostly just a human encyclopaedia in the second row feeding Jeff some accurate information throughout. All of which Jeff took in his stride and was a perfect gentleman about.

There seems to be a trend in stand-up comedy of late, in which serious, often heavy, material is thrown in between the laughs. I’m not sure if this is intended to be some new type of stand-up slash spoken word slash Ted talk, but it can give a show a bit of “oomph”. Making the audience think about something serious and then being encouraged to laugh about it. Jeff Green does this expertly, and, while I’ve never seen this type of material from him before, it sits really well with him. Unlike some other comedians that have performed this type of material, Jeff doesn’t dwell long on these deep and meaningful moments, which feels therapeutic in a way, especially if you as a member of the audience can relate to that particular issue.

Overall, it’s easy to see why Jeff Green is so popular here and overseas, and it’s an absolute pleasure to have him perform in Brisbane. I, for one, will jump at a chance to see him next year.

There is still a week left to go for the Brisbane Comedy Festival and many talented comedians to see. Here's a guide to what's on and ticket available here.


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