Danica Voll | 13 October 2017

Next week, we will say farewell to the passionate photographer, cyclist, plant eater and coffee connoisseur, Osher Günsberg on the Hit105 morning show.

During the live show last Thursday, Osher broke the news he was leaving to his co-hosts Abby, Stav and Matt through an original song. “I’m leaving Brisbane, I got too busy making TV,” he sung to colleagues, “I tried to make it. My schedule couldn’t take it, plus they offered me some more money.” The move follows the continual success of the Bachelor in Australia with a brand-new show, Bachelor in Paradise, in the works.


Since joining the team in 2015, Osher has also continued to film The Bachelor AU, building up his frequent flyer points making regular commutes between his Brisbane and Sydney gigs. He has also taken up a solo gig on Hit105, Sunday night 8pm – 10pm with Osher’s Love Line. Trying to find a balance between his work and personal life, Osher has decided he needed to step away from radio, so he could still spend time with his wife Audrey, her daughter Gigi and their mischievous cavoodle.

Osher has been in the entertainment industry since 1999, when he shot a short video of himself on his skateboard and set it to Channel V, which saw him selected as a host for the station. He then took over screens of Network Ten co-hosting Australian Idol, in 2003. The following years saw him as a contestant of Thank God You’re Here, Celebrity Joker Poker, Good News Week as well as a regular contributor of The Project. You might also recognise his smooth voice as the narrator of Bondi Rescue.


With his experience in television, music and pop culture, it will be a sad farewell to his dynamic personality and flare. Having worked with the breakfast team across previous years, with his Bach and Bachie stints, we are sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

Finishing up with the breakfast team on Wednesday October 25, we were lucky enough to catch-up with Osher ahead of his departure. From discussing a zombie apocalypse to his favourite café in Brisbane, you can check out the full interview below. Goodbye Osh, we’ll miss you! 

Video produced by Expose Media


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