Danica Voll | 06 December 2018

Home to some of the best roving food vendors Brisbane has to offer, Welcome to Bowen Hills is upping their game with just that… ARCADE GAMES! Unveiling their brand-new collection of favourite cult classics, the call is out for Brisbane’s best gamers to claim the high scores.

With some epic prizes up for grabs, there’s plenty more to score than just fame as arcade legends. Prizes include the Mr Burger truck making a special home visit, a life-size cut out of Nic Café (“Put…the bunny…back…in the box”), a drone, a colonic (?!), a keg party and plenty of toys and candy. How frigging cool does that sound!

All games cost just $1 - $2 and include ALLLLL your favourites such as PacMan, Daytona USA, Mortal Combat, Ghostbusters, pinball and air hockey. Add on the recent refurb AND new app launching next Wednesday (letting you order bevvies and food directly to your table), Welcome to Bowen Hills has become even more perfect for after work drinks or Sunday Sessions!

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Harbouring an unhealthy addiction of stopping strangers on the street to pet their doggos, Danica is a lover of the great outdoors.  While her greatest skill may be the ability to rap ‘Fergalicious’ perfectly, her inability to remember her left and rights has proven to be her greatest downfall in life. When she’s not on the beach or hiking up another mountain, you can expect to find her watching Unlikely Animal Friends for the 100th time while trying to satisfy her Tim-Tam addiction with surprise, suprise… another packet of Tim-Tams. It seems like no-one told her they aren’t a suitable daily breakfast.


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