Brianna Denmeade | 27 July 2018

ABOUT THE WRITER: Brianna Denmeade has a Bachelor in Entertainment Business and works at an Australian music site as one of its managers, and editor. She is passionate about music, culture, and the arts, and contributes to her local community radio station with her writing, management, and production skills.

Following sell-out shows across the country, circus cabaret INFAMOUS has arrived at the gorgeous scenery of the Broadwater Parklands waterfront on the Gold Coast. Arriving at the large, circus-like Spiegeltent at 6.30pm for opening night I can already see from the glamorous interior and exterior of the tent that this is going to be a night full of surprises.

Upon walking into the large tent you are only given access to the front room before taking your seats where the action happens behind a set of purple curtains. The allure of not being able to see the stage creates more mystery for what is to come but before that, the INFAMOUS team sure put on a party. Treating myself to some popcorn and a sauvignon blanc from the fully licensed bar, I headed over to have a chat with a few of the performers about their nerves whilst listening to the live music playing.

INFAMOUS was advertised as an ADULT ONLY event and for good reason, the first character to enter the main stage whilst the audience is being seated is a drunken man in bell boys costume swigging from a supposed 1 Litre bottle of vodka. Once the audience caught on that he was part of the act it made for a good laugh, and his character reappears throughout for comedic relief.

Production manager Sue Porett has created a burlesque-cross-circus theatre art that leaves nothing to the imagination. The show had an equal contribution from the sexy, barely-dressed dancers and acrobats; performing gravity-defying, body-bending aerial stunts. As well as, the dangerous, buff men with no shirts that opened the show with one of craziest versions of the hamster wheel trick I have ever seen. Try to imagine two men in separate GIANT hamster wheels either side of each other running and making each other spin whilst the wheels are more 10 metres high. And the wildest part was when one of the performers ran on the outside of the wheel and when it got to the top he jumped and landed inside. It's acts like that, that push the limits and will leave you at the edge of your seat!

INFAMOUS is a 100% Australian-made show with most of the cast also being Australian which is always worth supporting and it has everything you need to have a great night from slapstick comedy to vocalists, exotic dancers, and talented actors and actresses always in character. Showcasing a combination of circus acts and uncensored burlesque, INFAMOUS is unlike any circus you’ve seen before! A risque experience you will not forget. INFAMOUS Gold Coast seasons runs until Sunday 12 August. Have a sexy, exciting, glamorous night out; grab your tickets NOW at

About the author


Brianna Denmeade is a freelance writer with a Bachelor in Entertainment Business and a passion for everything music and arts. She likes travelling any chance she can, live music and any food with cheese on it. You can follow her journey on Instagram @bjded.


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