Danica Voll | 03 May 2018

Customs House is embracing the cold this year and bringing igloos and smoky flavours to the riverside. Yes, you heard that right – igloos! In partnership with Belvedere Vodka, a Nordic bar will be popping up on the riverside designed exclusively for Winter.

Arctic by Customs House will see the riverside terrace (which we should mention has panoramic views of the Brisbane River and Story Bridge), will be decked out in faux fur furniture and plenty of heaters. For those who’d rather drink in the views without bracing the cold, the breath-taking igloos can be reserved exclusively for your group.

With fur-draped lounge chairs and Northern-European furniture, we can already picture ourselves kicking back with one of the events reigning cocktails The Belvedere Express -  a sultry blend of Belvedere Vodka with Kahlua and chilled espresso.


The winter-inspired cocktail menu also includes some more daring concoctions like the Henspresso, an indulgent mix of Hennessy VS, Kahlua, Vanilla Syrup and espresso or a Popcorn Martini with Belvedere Pure, chilled espresso and salt. We, however, are most looking forward to trying the Belvedere Apple Strudel, which we hear basically tastes like liquid apple pie. Plus, it comes with a decorative pastry balanced on top. What more could you want?

Food-wise, the menu is full of traditional polish bites like baby Kransky with sauerkraut and mustard on sourdough or smoked duck rillettes and venison pies. Rumour has it that there might also be a baked whole brie on the menu as well….

Launching May 10, it’s time to beat the Brisbane chill and enter this winter wonderland which just so happens to boast Brisbane’s best river views. Contact the team at Customs House on 07 3365 8998, to book your own igloo today!


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