Danica Voll | 18 April 2019

At home in Mary Street in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, lies The Euro; the little sister to fine dining Urbane Restaurant. Flanked by deep rich timbers, stone walls and polished concrete floors, The Euro is reminiscent of a traditional European eatery with a menu to match.

Headed by Executive Chef Andrew Gunn, the menu is inspired by using local ingredients with a European influence to create simple, fresh and tasty dishes. Everything on the menu is completely homemade from their bread using 100% sourdough cultures down to their home-grown herbs. With a menu that changes seasonally with available local produce, every dish is packed with flavor and celebrates modern European-bistro food.

After working in Paris for 6 years at Michelin starred restaurants, Andrew is joined in the kitchen by fiancée and Head Chef Amelie Rabud.

“We met in Paris at a 2-michelin starred restaurant under high-stress conditions of the kitchen. I think it’s because of how we met, which is why we work really well together,” says Andrew as we chatted in front of the bar before service began. “It’s great to have someone to bounce ideas and inspirations off while executing them together – I’m very lucky to have that”

Designing the new menu together, the culinary duo have created a clever Autumn menu that stands a brilliant reflection of Executive Chef Gunn’s direction.

“We are on a bit of an Asian-Japanese tangent at the moment, with a real focus on Japanese fusion in a European menu”, he laughs, “it does change with every menu and depends on how we’re feeling and what produce is available.”

With a strong philosophy of sourcing local produce, their aspiration is to use the best products to create the best results; large pieces of meats that are butchered down in-house or using a whole fish rather than individual fillets.

Thanking Andrew for this time, we sat down at our table ready for an evening of delicious culinary creations.

After browsing through the menu and their extensive wine list (we’re talking 20-pages), we settle on 2 dishes to begin with. The seared scallops with cauliflower puree miso butter & crispy kale were fresh, sweet and soft, melting in your mouth as the Japanese miso butter and cauliflower puree served as a creamy counterpart to the crispy kale.

Incredibly refreshing (and delicious) was the simple veal tartare with gojuchan, condiments and gomasio. Served with home-made rice crackers, the tartare was fresh and lively that had a subtle hint of saltiness which can be attributed to the gomasio – a Japanese condiment made from unhulled sesame seeds and salt.

Enjoy a long love-affair with steak, the QLD Stockyard 200-day grain-fed Angus sirloin with crunchy potatoes, porcini sauce and herb salad proved to be a good choice for a main meal. Cooked to perfection at the requested medium-rare, the meat was soft and tender which was elevated with the porcini mushroom sauce and crunchy potatoes which tasted like they had just been taken out of the oven.

Adding a bright splash of colour to the table, the Pan-fried local fish of the day with zucchini and basil puree, broccolini and lemon was delightful dish to behold visually and on the tongue. The choice of zucchini and basil puree complimented the pan-fried barramundi adding the fresh flavors.

Easily tempted by finishing the evening with a sweet treat, it seemed only fitting to have dessert with a nightcap. The ‘Pina Colada’ Pineapple Pavolva combined a fluffy meringue with fresh pineapple pieces and some beautifully soft coconut mousse. You could be forgiven for thinking you were on a Hawaiian holiday.

Next to try was the Lemon Myrtle Crème Brule with season fruits. Breaking through the topping with great anticipation, we were greeted with the sound of a satisfying crunch as our spoon cracked through the caramel topping and into the silky smooth custard underneath.

Sultry and demanding of our attention was the Dark Sumatran Chocolate Ganache. Made with a rich chocolate base with a salty hint, the ganache was paired with smooth chocolate sorbet and a crisp chocolate tuile (made in-house of course).

From entrée to main, each dish was as exquisite as the previous with culinary techniques that will delight and surprise. It’s well-executed, clean food that doesn’t taste clumsy nor laden with oil. Signalling a new era for this Mary Street locale, we look forward to seeing what Brisbane’s new power couple of food do next.

Image Credit: Will Steele Photography

You can check out the full visual experience of The Euro's new Autumn Menu here. 

The Euro
181 Mary Street, Brisbane
Bookings at theeuro.com.au or call (07) 3229 3686

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