Evelyn Butcher | 26 April 2019

On Wednesday night we attended the 2019 Moro Spanish Film Festival Opening Night at The Palace Barracks. The night began just as any exciting night should - with a complimentary glass of sangria (Hola Espana!). Before settling in our lounge seats to for the film screening, we, of course, required snacks and we received. The Palace Cinema served up their delicious olive oil popcorn and Spanish Restaurant Moda also laid out an exceptional array of tapas all night

Selected for the festival’s opening night was critically-acclaimed Spanish comedy-drama Champions directed by Javier Fesser. We hadn’t read up on the film before the event, so we had no idea what to expect, but it’s safe to say we were happily surprised by the film’s feel-good energy.

Champions follows the journey of an arrogant basketball coach, Marco Montes, who is fired from his position as an assistant coach after an altercation with the head coach. After the disgraceful incident, he is arrested for drink driving and crashing into a police car, and sentenced to community service. To his dismay, Marco must coach the Los Amigos, a basketball team of people with varying mental disabilities. Champions will make you laugh, and if you’re as sappy as we are, it’ll also make you cry. It is as entertaining as it is heartwarming, and we strongly recommend giving the wholesome flick a watch!

After the film, it was time to fiesta! The drinks were flowing and the tapas was devoured almost as quickly as it was brought out. Our fave tapas dish of the evening? Moda’s chicken croquettes and we ate more of them than we’d care to admit. A live band played Spanish tunes as a couples Salsa danced the night away. We didn’t Salsa, because well we can’t, but we are inspired to learn. If you know any great Salsa studios, please share!

By the time the night wrapped up we were feeling muy feliz, with a full belly and comfortably warmed by the sentimental film Champions.

Are you experiencing some major FOMO right now? Don’t stress, the festival has only just begun! Check out The Moro Spanish Film Festival 2019 program. We’re pretty hooked now, so we’ll probably see you there - adios chicos!

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Evelyn is a Brisbane-based creative writer. She's addicted to iced long blacks and cares more about her house plants than people. The most common thing she hears is ""Ev, that is way too much butter". 


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