Danica Voll | 06 August 2019

Little Big House is throwing their Schnitz in the mix and bringing back their ultimate Parmy Party for a second year! That’s right – a party… for parmys! 

After the success of last year’s party, Little Big House are dedicating one whole week to 4 unique parmy creations from August 26 – September 1 all for $14 dollary-roos! That’s only $14 for a slab of crispy, crumbed chicken cooked to perfection doused with a speciality topping served with a side of chips AND salad.

Feeling like some Mexican? The Big Sombrero comes topped with tortilla chips, guac, sour cream and refried beans. The Big American Dreams combines everyone’s love of hot-dogs and parmy into one big “parmy-dog”. Enjoy the experience when sweet meets sour with the Big Trouble in Little China. If you are a lover of the classic, don’t fret – Big Little House will still have their popular house parmy on the menu.

In the lead up to their Parmy Party on Sunday, anyone who does swing into Little Big House and purchase a Parmy during the week, will also go into the draw to win a YEAR’S WORTH of Parmys for free. That’s 365 days of everyone’s favourite quintessential Queensland meal. 

Kicking off at 12pm (and going till laaaaaate), the winner will be drawn on Sunday September 1 with a day accompanied by live music, parmy trivia and other great giveaways. It’s time to grab your parmy army, and bring on everyone’s favourite pub feed.

Parmy Dedication Week 
Monday August 26 - Sunday September 1 

Parmy Party 
12pm - late, Sunday September 1 

Little Big House, 271 Grey Street, South Brisbane

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Harbouring an unhealthy addiction of watching too many dog videos, Danica is a lover of the great outdoors. While her greatest skill may be the ability to rap ‘Fergalicious’ perfectly, her inability to remember her left and rights has proven to be her greatest downfall in life. When she’s not on the beach or hiking up another mountain, you can expect to find her trying to satisfy her Tim-Tam addiction with surprise, suprise… another packet of Tim-Tams. It seems like no-one told her they aren’t a suitable daily breakfast.


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