Hannah Park | 17 June 2019

The dynamic group demonstrated their incredible talent as musicians in an eclectic, good old-fashioned feel-good concert.

Each member of the Rudimental ensemble brought a power packed performance full of passion! The charisma from the stage was contagious throughout the audience.

It was unfortunate that the concert fell on arguably the biggest sporting event of the year: State of Origin, as there was an obvious lack of bodies at the typically packed Riverstage. But! The crowd that did gather, were obvious Rudimental frothers and the energy throughout the performance was palpable.

The message of inclusiveness, unity and love through Rudimental’s unique sound carried weight and hearing and seeing their message up close and personal instilled a deeper appreciation for their the group. We're not the type to shy away from a good ol’ sing a long in the car when ‘Feel The Love’ comes on the radio, but we've never really understood or listened to their profound message until we saw it for ourselves.

One thing that truly captured our eye was the number of people making their own space and just ‘rocking out’ and ‘letting their freak flags fly’, sorry for the clichés, but we feel it appropriately describes the type of dancing witnessed, and it was POWERFUL. If you feel the song in you, let it out friends! You do you.

It has been a while since we have experienced the level of musical talent on stage, but these guys delivered. The drummer was an absolute champ with the beats, and he took the show away when he surprised crowds with this prowess of the Bass – we were shook, and glad about it. Oh and we can't not mention the pipes on the vocalists, three in total, we were astounded, you should've seen us staring at the stage mouth agape at some of the notes they hit. They brought the groove to Riverstage.

Although the crowd wasn’t as rowdy and Riverstage wasn’t as busy as we've seen with past concerts, the true Rudimental believers were there with bells on, love heart shaped hands in the air, limbs waving about, voices straining and energy high. What a night, It was worth venturing out into the chilly winter air to experience Rudimental in all their glory.

If you are yet to hear any of their world-famous bangers, or if you’d like to discover their new album you can listen to Rudimental on Spotify here.

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