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We all love a good view, and even if it does keep our Instagram feeds in check, there’s a great amount of fulfillment that comes from discovering something new. The world offers so many incredible sights it’s impossible to know what bucket list is worthy. If you’re looking for inspiration to take your travel bucket list to the next level, look no further than 13 of the most breathtaking views around the world as recommended by travel experts, The Global Work & Travel Co.

1. Kathmandu Valley, Province No. 3, Nepal

The Kathmandu Valley is located at the base of the Himalayas and is made up of sacred temple towns and terrace fields. Some of the most incredible sights to experience from the valley are the famous surrounding landmarks, including the mighty Mount Everest. Practice ancient rituals, learn about the folk stories that shaped the lifestyle of Nepalis and visit any of the seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites around Kathmandu. This view from below provides an unbelievable opportunity to truly appreciate the Earth’s great summit. Adding this to your bucket list is a must.

2. Montgo Natural Park, Denia, Spain

Everyone knows the mention of a national park means a good view.  You may not have heard of it but Montgo Natural Park in Denia Spain is no exception. The Natural Park rises 753 meters above sea level and boasts spectacular views that span over the city of Denia and the Balearic Sea. With a Mediterranean client, it’s the perfect place to travel anytime of the year.

3. San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica

In the heart of San Ramon you will find a secret pocket, rich with tropical life, known as the El Silencio de Los Angeles Park. This jaw-dropping walk is a once in a lifetime experience being one of the world’s only cloud forests, where clouds quite literally form among the forest. The unique forest habitat makes San Ramon a natural treasure, with breathtaking views that will have you pinching yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming.

4. Isabela Island, The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Known for its seahorse shape, the Isabela Island in the Galapagos Islands is not to be missed when visiting Ecuador. Surrounded by crystal clear blue waters, it’s an amazing opportunity to see a volcano up-close and personal - something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. With the unbelievable site of the Wolf Volcano reaching a height of 1,707m, be sure to pop this one on your bucket list ASAP.

5. Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand

Milford Sound is a breathtaking place, no matter what direction you look at it from. Awe-inspiring views in literally any weather, arguably more incredible in the rain, the sheer cliffs, sky-scrapping mountain peaks and waterfalls cascade downwards from incredible heights. This is a must see anytime you find yourself in New Zealand.

6. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

The Grand Canyon may seem like a cliché view for your bucket list but it is definitely one not to be missed. The Canyon itself spans 446km long and 29km wide, offering expansive views of the psychedelic coloured rock formations that enclose the Colorado River. You’ll want to stick around to view the Canyon at night; it was recently dubbed an International Dark Sky Park, meaning star gazing at the Grand Canyon is a truly spectacular experience.

7. Iquitos, Maynas Privince, Peru

Iquitos is a city that lies in the Great Plain of the Amazon Basin and is known as the gateway to the Peruvian Amazon. The city is surrounded by the Itaya River and offers a unique look at city life amidst the rainforest, an experience like no other. Lush green rainforest to one side and vast blue waters to the other, your bucket list would be lacking without it.

8. Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Waterfalls are not only beautiful but they offer much serenity to a busy travelling schedule, particularly in a place like Buenos Aires. The Iguazu Falls is a group of waterfalls located in the Iguazu River, which give Niagara a run for their money. Surrounded by a large expanse of rainforest, the cascading water walls provide one of the planet’s most awe-inspiring sights and visceral experiences.

9. Addo Elephant National Park, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Not only do man-made and natural structures make a breathtaking view but wildlife does too. Located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa is the Addo Elephant National Park.  Being the Africa’s third largest National Park, it is home to hundreds of elephants as well as lions and black rhinos who live peacefully among a beautifully vast protected park. Seeing these wild animals in their natural habitat on safari is a pinch yourself moment.

10. Walvis Bay, Namibia, South Africa  

Namibia’s Walvis Bay is the unsuspecting home to one of the world’s most astonishing coastal views. The seaside city is surrounded by the dunes of the Namib Desert, and gives an incredible view of the ocean from the top of some of nature’s own high structures. Tourists often flock to the bay to catch a glimpse of the thousands of flamingos which inhabit the area; a contrast of desert and sea that make this city so bucket list-worthy.

11. Stawamus Chief Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada

The Provincial Park offers some of Canada’s most impressive views atop of the largest granite monolith in North America. The park has multiple trails you can take but rest assured, no matter what direction you walk, you’ll uncover a breathtaking view. Although its trails challenge even the most experienced hikers, this view is well worth the test.

12. Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia

A landmark you simply can’t go past, and something that every Australian should aspire to visit at least once in their lifetime. A trip to this incredible landmark is not only an unforgettable view but a cultural experience that will stay with you long after you leave. Its surrounding red dust and shrubbery makes this view a must on your travel bucket list and best of all, the beauty of this structure makes it impossible to take a bad photo.

13. The White Cliffs of Dover, Dover, United Kingdom

A stunning cliff face looking out over the ocean already sounds bucket list worthy, but what makes The White Cliffs of Dover different? They’re white. Made out of chalk, these cliffs are completely covered with lush greenery on top, dropping down to the white surface of the cliff. This stunning scenery is one in a million, as we can safely say there aren’t too many places in the world with white cliffs.


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