Rochelle Auman | 21 March 2019

It’s probably something you hardly ever think about but aren’t socks frustrating sometimes? You know what we mean – we all have that one lone sock with no pair or that dirty pair we still wear but really should get rid of. The problem with these abandoned socks is that they aren’t memorable. Wouldn’t it be great to have a pair of socks that we really want to wear and that stand out enough that we remember exactly what they look like – socks we actually love?

Look no further – liliLife socks are here.

Founded by Brisbane-based creative, Melissa Hoedel, liliLife is a lifestyle brand with a heart and a cause that makes possibly the cutest socks in the world. The brand name is an acronym – lili stands for ‘love it, live it’, referring to life.

Think of all the things that make life worthwhile – cute animals, sweets, happy colours—and that’s exactly what liliLife socks are, except brighter. The socks come in both kids and adult sizes, as well as gift boxes with adorable names like ‘Mama and Me’, ‘Papa and Me’ and ‘His ‘n Hers’, so there is something for everyone! You can wear a matching family set for a movie night, snuggle in on a rainy day with a pair of jelly bean socks, or wear them with your best going out shoes for a pop of colour.

And if that wasn’t enough to hook you in, liliLife is a brand committed to an ethically and socially responsible mindset and are environmentally friendly. The work that goes into their socks supports local designers and artisans, showing that liliLife truly lives up to their intent of being a company with a cause. Phew. What more could you want?

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Rochelle is a 5-foot sass bomb with a serial penchant for taking photos of her daily adventures and writing about them. When she’s not on-the-go or working on a project, she loves watching hedgehog videos, scouting out new cafes with her friends, and drinking hot chocolate like it’s water.


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