Evelyn Butcher | 03 May 2019

If you had a similar high school sex education to us, your sex ed would have involved little more than your teachers telling you sex is dangerous and trying to scare you with the prospect of becoming a teen mum. Learning about the female orgasm? Forget it. Which is why you simply need to listen to these sexy podcasts if you’re to have any hope of filling in the holes (pun intended) in your sex-ucation.

How Cum

This podcast is our all time fave. The show is hosted by comedian Remy Kassimir, who created the podcast in order to tackle her inability to cum. That’s right, the 28 year old had never had the divine pleasure. We couldn’t think of anything more frustrating. On each episode Remy interviews different sexperts, discussing everything from sex toys, to more taboo topics like fetishes. The show will make all you little weirdos feel, well, less weird. Give it a listen here.

The Sexually Liberated Woman

The Sexually Liberated Woman is a podcast that celebrates women’s sexual liberation with sex-positive dialogue on the topics of sex, gender, identity and relationships. F YEAH! Hosted by sexuality doula (dw we had to look it up to, a doula is a birth companion) and sex educator, Ev’Yan Whitney, the podcast features vulnerable discussions about sexual healing and intimate glimpses into others’ sexual liberation journeys and how they freed themselves from shame. Listen here.

Guys We F****d

This podcast is changing the ways society perceives female sexuality, promoting a healthier outlook when it comes to sex. Each episode, stand up comedians Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson discuss the most taboo kinks, interview revolutionaries in sexual health, cultural icons, and, occasionally, guys they’ve fucked. It’s bound to give you multiple eargasms, listen here.

Main Image: Netflix / Sex Education

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