Evelyn Butcher | 03 May 2019

Summer, the superior of the seasons, is fading and the cold is creeping in *fights back tears*. So say goodbye to your golden tan, flimsy summer dresses and refreshing ice coffees, because Winter is coming and, in a world where Arya Stark is nothing more than a fictitious character, there’s no stopping it. Sorry to be such a buzzkill. But hey, you’re not so bad Winter, you’ve got a few things going for ya.

Release The Mammoth In You

If you think mammoths are extinct, you haven’t seen a MyCityLife girl during the colder months. Ditching our razors and letting our hair grow free has to be our favourite thing about Winter. And, think about it, it’s the practical thing to do to give yourself some extra warmth. It’s just a bonus that it happens to involve loosening the reins on your beauty maintenance. Who says you can’t be efficient AND lazy?

Sweet Red Wine

And in the spirit of keeping warm, there’s nothing like a glass of red to thaw you out during winter. In fact, we highly recommend consuming the holy beverage whenever you have the chance. Our ideal circumstance is soaking in the tub, surrounded by an abundance of rose petals, scented candles ablaze, receiving a sensuous shoulder rub from a topless hunk while sipping on a glass of sweet red wine. Ahhh bliss.  

Guilt-Free Hangovers

There’s nothing worse than waking up on a Sunday morning with a pounding head and the desperate desire to travel back in time to stop yourself from doing all those tequila shots. Oh wait, yeah there is. Waking up hungover on a bright and sunny day, feeling guilty about curling up in bed watching Netflix all day while everyone else is outside basking in the sunshine. And there’s another reason winter isn’t completely terrible. Because it’s so dark and gloomy all the time (ok we might be overreacting... we still live in Australia after all and winter here is basically warmer than an English Summer) you can lock yourself indoors without feeling like you’re committing a criminal offence. All the more reason to go buy yourself a bottle of red!

Don’t Sweat It

Okay, we’re really clutching at straws with this one. But we couldn’t leave it at just 3, especially when 2 of those entail the consumption of alcohol. We wouldn’t want you thinking we’re alcoholics, we’re not, or at least we’re in denial about it. During Summer it’s near impossible to walk the streets without getting all hot and sweaty (not the fun kind), because it’s so warm, and the sun is always casting its loving golden rays over us. Summer come back, we don’t want to live without you. So we guess that’s another good thing about winter… You won’t be sweating it out because it’ll be cold and grim and COLD. We’re not resentful at all, can you tell?

About the author


Evelyn is a Brisbane-based creative writer. She's addicted to iced long blacks and cares more about her house plants than people. The most common thing she hears is ""Ev, that is way too much butter". 


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