Ellie Taggart | 25 September 2019

Fans of AFL can rejoice as American-style sports bar, WingHAÜS by Bavarian is opening its doors in Brisbane City on Saturday September 28. The bar’s grand opening coincides with the AFL grand final, offering you the chance to experience the game like never before.

The bar is the latest creation by the family behind Eagle Street Pier’s The Bavarian and is set to champion their famous buffalo wings at 144 Edward Street. The concept of the bar drew inspiration from America’s love for chicken wings (and now Australia’s).

Speaking of wings - WingHAÜS by Bavarian is promising an unbelievably delicious deal of 10-cent buffalo wings from the opening at 11.30am until a team scores the first point. That means you can stock up before the screening of the AFL grand final and watch your team soar into victory on one of WingHAÜS by Bavarian’s 20 television screens.

WingHAÜS by Bavarian is rightly proud of their multi-sound WIFI system as they are the first to use what is being named, Listen Everywhere technology. This technology allows 30 stations and games to be tuned into at once so AFL fans can watch the content that suits them.

If you’re not a fan of AFL, you can use the Listen Everywhere app to tune into another sport and still attend the grand opening in the comfort of the bar.

The bar features a mouth-watering menu filled with spice and American flavour that is sure to be a winner. The sauce spice system is rated by flames, with 4 flames being the highest (we’d be game to try a four-flame sauce). If you really love chicken wings there are 8 sauce-covered variations for you to enjoy such as teriyaki, traditional, Texas BBQ, Korean, chipotle, habanero powder, afterburner, and the spiciest, four-star sauce - face melting. There are other wings options including fried wings with the option of either chipotle sauce or habanero powder, and boneless chicken tenders.

What are wings without dip? All wings have the choice of 6 dips including blue cheese, ranch dressing, honey and mustard, Haüs sauce, chipotle mayo, and garlic, and come in servings of 10, 20, 50 or 100 (this sounds like a win to us!). From Monday September 30 you can continue winning with Wing Hour, introducing 50 cent wings from 5pm to 7pm weekdays.

Looking for something sweeter or something savoury in between wings?

There are plenty more options on the menu with savoury options such as hot chips, onion rings, salads and WingHAÜS by Bavarian’s signature burgers. The signature burgers are the ClassicHaüs burger, which includes a secret-spiced chicken breast, pickles and garlic sauce; the ChookHaüs which swaps the garlic sauce for habanero hot sauce, cheese, coleslaw and a drizzle of Texas BBQ sauce; and the MooHaüs, a burger with an Angus beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, and the addition of a secret sauce. The main menu is full of gorgeous flavours that would make any burger house jealous.

Fans of dessert don’t feel deserted, the bar caters New York cheesecake, deep-fried chocolate bars, and The Firefighter, a magnum ice cream to help you cool down after your spicy meal and the game.

If beer is your thing, be prepared to marvel at the custom 40-tap beer wall which covers brews from the Bavarian Hofbräu, the America Good Island and the Australian 4 Pines Brewing as well as various other options such as margaritas and espresso martinis.

The venue can fit 135 guests outdoors and a maximum of 240 guests in the open-plan bar. The décor brings the space alive with bright neon coloured walls, vintage signs, and sports memorabilia. There are also hints of The Bavarian in the glass steins and The Bavarian’s signature stein chandelier which hangs from the ceiling. Keeping up with the American diner-style, it features a 14 stool long-bar, leather booths and foosball tables for you to play after the AFL game.

We certainly think you’ll leave a winner regardless of how your team goes.

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